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We have been owned by our Sphynx  for 20+ years.  Our love affair began in 1996 when we saw our first Sphynx in person “Mercedes”. It was love at first sight. We knew that one day we would like the opportunity of owning one.  So in November of 1997 our Angel joined our family of dogs and 2 cats. In 1998 our personal circumstances changed and we moved from Ontario to Alberta. Angel stayed with her breeder until 1999 until we settled and then sent her to us pregnant. Angel gave birth to Noah, Miracle, Josh, and Jacob that October. In 2014 our Angel at the ripe old age of 17 passed away leaving Noah by himself. Since he had never been without a cat buddy we bought Astoria to keep him company. Noah passed away in 2016 just shy of his 17th birthday. So now Astoria was alone. We reached out to another breeder closer to home by the name of Barenaked Babies who is not only our breeder but has become a friend and mentor. We purchased two kittens from her lines Tarkus and Waterlily (aka Lily). Since then we have had the opportunity to purchase Tarkus’ Dad the internationally known “The Vampire Lestat” and another queen “Georgia” who is odd-eye.

Under the Ohnaturel umbrella we will continue to breed 100% pure Canadian Sphynx kittens with no outcrosses to Bambino, Elf or Extreme Orientals. All our breeding stock is based on HCM scanned cats that have been clear for generations. We will continue that tradition with any and all future breedings.

Under the Designearz umbrella we will be breeding pure extreme orientals as well as hybrid crosses with the Sphynx breed. The reason; our Sphynx breeding gene pool in North America is declining  and with that the increased  risk for health issues such as cardio taking over our beloved breed. We need to introduce new healthier lines to help combat this.  TICA has recognized this cross and currently we are working with a group of 5 dedicated breeders carefully following a monitored breeding protocol. On our Boys page: we would like to introduce Rufus our newest addition to our feline family.

Both our catteries are TICA registered.